The 20 Best Video Games Of

The 20 Best Video Games Of 2017


GameSpot's Best Games Of 2017 #9: What Remains of Edith Finch

26.11.2018 18:02

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What system s can I play it on? From AAA smash hits games indie darlings, these are some of 2017 absolute best games of 2o You should just go play it! The combination of XCOM-style turn-based combat and the zany worlds of Mario and Rabbids signed for a surprisingly engaging and funny video game. See comments. It this web page something we ever thought would happen considering that the game's original development studio, Naughty Dog, is deep in development of The Last of Us Part and Uncharted 4 DLC, so we're thankful another developer, Vicarious Visions, was there to pick up the slack. As per the historical trend, the latest installment of FIFA brings in some incremental performance and graphics improvements. Once we had the long list, a selection of GR editors - chosen randomly - debated the final 25, regardless of how the game scored at review. A first-person horror adventure trapped in a musty, rotted house with a family of musty, rotted maniacs? That being said, we've gone through and compiled the list of the best games coming next year as well as collected the best ones that have already come out Gravity Rush 2 anyone? But this year 2017 have no choice but to jump on the bandwagon. It's a blast. Seriously, we challenge you to leave us a more generic-sounding title in the comments below. You can read our full review here. Hellblade Credit: Ninja Theory. An action adventure top in a world overrun with robotic fauna, Horizon casts you as a human hunter named Aloy who uses a mix of stealth, ranged combat, and a little improvisation top fell inorganic beasts and survive in the signed. Nintendo had a fantastic year, as this list proves, with three of the top ten titles releasing on the Switch. We added up all the scores, and the game with the lowest total became number one. Let me know on Twitter and Facebook. As we expected, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the Nintendo Games big launch title and it's certainly done well for itself.


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